TRUE CRIME IRL | WITH KELLI BERENS-BRINK - Episode 1, Part 2 - The Iowa Hotel Homicides

2. TCIRL | Episode 1 – Part 2 | The Iowa Hotel Homicides

TCIRL | Episode 1 – Part 2 | The Iowa Hotel Homicides

Welcome to True Crime IRL. I’m Kelli Berens-Brink andt his is part 2 of the Iowa Hotel Homicides.
If you haven’t listened to part 1 yet…well then, you’re not going to know what the heck’s going on – so go do that FIRST.
And if you DID already listen, you know that we left off in the Des Moines Iowa area in 2002, when serial Donald Piper had just been found guilty of the murders of Patty Lange and Zurijeta sakanovic. He was also the main suspect in Mariana Rerdrovan’s murder, but unfortunately, there was not enough evidence in that case to move forward with an arrest or a trial.
So – let’s go back to the time line of these three murders.

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