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**Please note: This was recorded live, in person, at CrimeCon2021, and therefore, the audio quality is not up to the usual standard. Please hang in there through this interview, though, because there is a lot of impactful info in it. Thanks!

In January of 2007, the body of – what police would call – a transient drug addict – had been discovered along a frequently traveled country highway, near Rochester Washington. Her body was, intentionally posed in a shocking and vulgar position… Police would later identify the woman as 37 year old Karen Bodine – but, they got the details WRONG, because Karen was actually, a loving mother & daughter – and part of a pretty amazing family… one that was determined to set the record straight and get justice. This is True Crime IRL and I’m Kelli Berens-Brink, and THIS is the REAL – unsolved – story of Karen Bodine.

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Karen Bodine True Crime IRL Podcast Kelli Brink


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